Anna Tihanyi


HER is a staged portrait photography series based on female characteristics and archetypes. The series introduces the complexity of the female existence and complements the spiritual map of the woman undermining the homogenous and universal concepts of womanhood.

2019 - ongoing

HER - Osvárt, Andrea

Photography, production design - Tihanyi, Anna
Photography assistant - Trembeczki, Péter
Makeup, prosthetics - Kund, Bibi
Hair- Karolyi, Márk
Costume - Keszei, Bori
Stylist - Kolontai, Dóra
SFX supervisor - Princz, Barnabás
Stand-by SFX - Tihanyi, Dániel
Studio assistant - Nagy, Szabolcs
Studio assistant -Kiss, Péter
Post production - Frank Rizzo
Scans - Vaczi, Kristóf (Café Analóg)


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