Anna Tihanyi

Hommage a" Lichtenstein

Hommage a’ Lichtenstein is a series made in the spirit of Roy Lichtenstein's vision. I made paraphrases on some of his works, and set them up in a photographic scene. I selected situations where I personally could be connected regarding my relations. Copying, deriving situations from exact paintings, refers to this typical Pop Art attitude I wanted to carry on with. I found it very important that the speech bubbles, and all the features of the original paitings e.g. tears, are photographed at the same time with the people and imply that its not only an image what we see, but it has a mark in our own existing world. For the same reason I used my own handwriting and everyday people as my models.  I wanted to remain on the edge between reality and imagination, not answering but questioning what reacting or overreacting could be, where fiction starts and until where entity lasts.
90, 95, 105, 110, 115, 120, 130  x 90 cm
gyclee on canvas
edition  5 + 1 AP
Woman on phone - Vörös, Viki
Woman drowning - Nagy, Fruzsina
Woman on moon - Földes, Vera
Engaged couple - Harsányi, Benő ; Loszman, Melinda
Artist couple - Révai, Nóra ; Hegyi, Zsolt
Explaining man - Topánka, Nóra ; Gall, Zsolt
Mothe and daughter - Gábor, Erika ; Nemescsói, Kata
Woman on street -  Berényi, Linda
Hopeless woman - Sebes, Anikó
Woman in bed - Varga, Niki
Couple in water - Pásztor, Gergő ; Nagy, Kamilla
Photography, production design - Tihanyi, Anna
Make-up - Kökény, Judit