Anna Tihanyi


I spent four months in New York City during an art residency last year. I found myself with some instant relations, with feelings and connections that happen on the surface. The inhuman existence of New York created a homogenous vision for me.

For the urge of being more of an insider I started documenting my experiences through people I got to know and surrounded me, with a rabbit mask that I found in a local store.

The mask represents the surrealism of the city, this tale-like occurrence of the irrational situations, and the distant impersonality I felt, and we all feel to be closed in sometimes.

80 x 80 cm
gyclee print on baryt
edition 7 + 1 AP


Special thanks to:

Fernanda Kock, Abby Ronner, Santina Amato, Saul Robbins, Cullen Washington, Denny J. Levy, Jonathan Levy, David, Nathalie, Marissa, Sam Branman, Eszter Domjan, Lille, Angelo, Patricia Ayres, Corey, Tom Jakab, Antonia Predovan, Frank, Leticia,