Anna Tihanyi

Once upon ...

Once upon a time is a visual narrative experiment of eight artists creating a tale by knowing only the 4 works of the previous artist. My part is dyptich of recycling story about a child and his imagination…his car full of candies leaves, and the boy spots a hole in the ground where all the candies are falling in, and he decides to follow his curiosity so he becomes the hero of his own story.

I wanted to show through the child's imagination how everybody sees only a segment of life.For the foreground I built a mock-up field and I used a model car.

100 x 50 cm
edition  7 + 1 AP

Boy: Milan

Artists include: Ildiko Mezei (graphic design), Dori Siraly (graphic design), Zoltan Szmolka (photographer), Anita Molnar (porcelain artist), Gabor Thebesz (graphic design), Zoltan Lubloy (porcelain artist), Inez (graphic design)