Anna Tihanyi

Generation S50

I based my concept on a child beauty pageant I saw on television. The dolls were prepared by professinal make up artist and hairdresser and were dressed up in clothes designed by three well known Hungarian designers. I chose the 50 cm SARAH series of Götz dolls as my modells for having a realistic face with unnatural features, and for having combined childish body parts with a more mature character of a woman. I wanted to emphasize the grotesque fusion of children and women, this also why I asked the designers to make clothes from their new collection of female couture, with the dimensons of the dolls. Generation S50 is a photo series on a consciously built popular image where I tent to join together the worlds of fine art and fashion. The title refers to a precisely planned product manifactured on an assembly line, the youngest generation.

90 x 60 cm
edition 7 + 1 AP
Modell: Gotz 50 cm SARAH Generation 
Costume: AHN TUAN, Sara Balint, USEunUSED 
Make up: Judit Kokeny (HAVE)
Hair: Norbert Kozma (HAVE)